Updated 6/3/23

Phase 1:  Stabilization & Protection

Below are estimates for stabilizing and protecting the vault while retaining the vault’s historic character.

$10,000  Tree removal, grading and defined right-of-way *1

$1,600  Archaeological assessment of interior of vault *2

$1,575  Analyze depression on top of vault *3

$2,800  Repair damaged sarcophagus of John H. Slingerland within vault *4

$1,344  Historical Marker *5

$58,000  Rebuild stonework at front of vault *6

$2,520  Replacement of vault identifying entablature *7

$4,800  Replacement of vault door (current door is beyond restoration) *8

$3,500 Regrading *9

$1,100  Repair / re-set pillars and install chain

$87,239  Total Phase 1

Phase 2:  Aesthetics

Funds remaining after the above efforts will be used for aesthetics, such as filling the depression at the top 

of the vault, landscaping, informational kiosk or a walkable path to the site.

$750 Chain barrier at top of vault

$7000 Walkway to top of vault *10

$4,212 Interpretive signage *11

$1,000 Landscaping

$3,000 Right of way path *9

$13,000  Installation of perimeter fence

$28,962  Total Phase 2

*Completed Items

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